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Lygeia Ricciardi

About Me

The name Lygeia means "clear-voiced" in ancient Greek. I'm not Greek, but I speak my truth.

Throughout my career, that has meant advocating for and using technology to empower people to take charge of their own health. 

I've been lucky to work in both the public and private sectors. I've contributed to policies and programs that give millions of Americans digital access to their health information, and  have helped to develop and spread new tools and new ways of thinking. 

a few things I've
learned along the way

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Envision & build

a better future.

In grad school at Harvard and the MIT Media Lab Dr. Seymour Papert inspired me to think ever bigger. He helped to define the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Ed Tech (and made LEGO bricks robotic!).

When I was a case study writer at Harvard Business School, my exceptional boss and mentor Dr Richard Tedlow, helped me to crystalize the dual goal of making money and making the world a better place.

Do well & do good.

Be persistent.

I grew up working in my family’s multi-generation business, which has evolved from stonecutting to real estate development. From my Dad and many others I've learned to respect family, grit, and persistence.

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In addition to running my own consulting company for eight years, I worked at an ed tech startup and at Carium, a virtual care company. I learned how tech companies scale (or in the ed tech startup case, don’t).


is (hard) fun. 

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Keep learning. 

I graduated from Wellesley College with a double major in History and Italian Language, focusing on the Italian Renaissance. But what I really learned was to always keep learning.

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Harness technology to make change. 

Working on some of the first digital health policies at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and later through international conferences I saw the power of technology to reshape society. 


Own Your Health.

Wise patient leaders showed by example how we must each take better charge of our health. For them I set up and ran the Office of Consumer eHealth at the Department of Health (ONC): a life-changing experience.

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Putting it all together.

At AdaRose I’m drawing on 20+ years of experience: knowledge of digital health, the joy of creating and building, and a passion for empowering people to improve their own health and lives. 

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