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About Me

The name "Lygeia" means clear-voiced in ancient Greek. While I am not a singer, I do speak my truth. And I'm good at identifying patterns and trends before they hit the mainstream, especially when it comes to technology.

I believe technology is one of the strongest forces in our world today. Throughout my career, I've used technology to both do good and do well.

"Doing good" means empowering people, giving them agency to improve their health, minds, wellbeing, and quality of life.

"Doing well" means building sustainable and thriving businesses and policies. I've been fortunate to work in both the public and private sectors - wherever I can have an impact at scale. Oh, and I must have fun along the journey.

Is that asking a lot of life? Maybe. But I'm all in.

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a few things I've
learned along the way ...

In my early days, I did a myriad of jobs, like construction site work, receptionist, sales, back office, and marketing. Though each job was unique, I learned a valuable lesson.

Work hard. You will fall down but get back up again.


Graduating magna cum laude from Wellesley with a double major in history and Italian taught me that...

Lifelong learning is the most important skill.

As a research associate and case study writer

at Harvard Business School, one of the biggest takeaways was

The Internet is the

biggest force reshaping American business. 

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Working as a policy analyst and speechwriter for the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) really drove home that... 

Technology can create social change in learning and healthcare.