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Technology makes us

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Lygeia Ricciardi Health and Wellness Influencer

As a health and wellness thought leader, I speak on themes related to engaging patients, the future of digital health,  workplace wellness, and holistic health.

I've been a featured speaker at the US National Academy of Medicine, South by Southwest (SXSW), the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and many other public and private events.

For speaking engagements, please reach out to Brenda Kane, Senior Vice President at the American Program Bureau, Inc. (bkane [at] apbspeakers [dot] com) or use the link below. 

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Lygeia Ricciardi Health and Wellness Influencer

As a thought leader in digital health and wellness and the founder and CEO of AdaRose, I am focused on helping people realize better health through technology. 

My company, AdaRose, supports body and mind through a combination of physical products and virtual guidance by experts. 

We partner with organizations to support health and wellness for their members, customers, and employees. 



Lygeia Ricciardi Health and Wellness Influencer
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Nemours Lygeia Ricciardi Health and Wellness Influencer
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